Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picking the kids up in a few hours!

Well, shortly I'll be heading out to the airport to meet the kids.  Sure hope they had a great vacation and everyone is doing well.  I'm excited to see them all!  Sage will be so excited to see them too I"m sure or else she will give them the cold shoulder.  LOL she has been so good this week.  So has Buddy (hamster) although what trouble could a hamster cause?  Other than escaping and not finding him?  Well that could have happened the other day being I forgot to close his cage door!  Thankfully he didn't get out because I would have freaked i'm sure!

As for the Olympics...what a great group of athletes!  Canada's athletes ROCK! this point Canada is tied for the record of Gold medals 13 which only Norway (2002) and Soviet Union (1976) have also managed to get.  We have surpassed the USA by a couple as well.  Awesome job!

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KShiell said...

Thanks again for everything...I'll let you spill the beans about the ordeal at the airport to your readers! :)

Chris and I appreciate everything over the last couple of days! We couldn't have done it without such a wonderful family!