Wednesday, June 9, 2010

finally an update..

but to be honest I don't have a lot to write about. Seriously, do I really have such a boring life? No, not really it just seems like the only person reading this is my daughter Kandice and being we chat several times a day usually then she already knows everything!
So, how do I get people to come and check out my blog? I wish I had some ideas but until then I guess maybe I shouldn't talk to Kandice and tell her everything....LOL! That won't happen because like I said we chat several times a day!
We have been enjoying our weekends at the trailer since opening it for the summer. The weather for the most part has been very nice with the exception of this past sunday when it rained and was cool and damp pretty much the whole day. The park really cleared out early it seemed. This weekend isn't looking all that great either...rain, thunderstorms but warmer temps.
We have some issues with a light switch in the trailer that Arend has been trying to figure out without luck so far but after talking to a couple people I think he has a few more things to try. Everyone keeps asking if there is another lightswitch in the trailer that controls those same lights but if there is I sure haven't found it that I know of but when I go up again this weekend I'll double check. If that ends up being the problem I'll scream! LOL!
I'm lookiing forward to Kandi's ultasound on June 18th to find out (hopefully) what sex this baby is. I've flip-flopped back and forth so often that I really don't know anymore! I"m getting so excited to find out though! Maybe we will be buying for a boy this time? Hmmm....I just have to be patient for a while longer.