Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn is here as of...

Can you believe it? Where did the summer go? I have to admit I do love this time of year although summer is still my favourite season. The smell of fall makes me happy! Yesterday while up at the trailer with a friend from work we were mentioning that we could smell the fall air. It was hot, in fact very hot the last couple of days and while we were up at the trailer I got a sunburn. I do of course have another reason to be excited that fall is here too....our new grandson is due to make his arrival on Nov 2nd. Where did that time go? Seems like it was just yesterday we found out that Kandice was expecting again.
Kandi reminded me that I hadn't updated my blog in a very long time and so I thought I should get to it today! The problem is that I just don't have a lot going on in my life to be blogging about.
I'm working on a new knitting project for "baby brother" (grandson). It is a beautiful blanket that Kandice picked out but man am I having some issues with it. I have to admit I have never really attempted any project that had much of a pattern to it and really I have to say this doesn't have much but I seem to have some troubles with it. I haven't given up on it although I have taken it out almost as often as I have started! But, I think I have finally conquered it or at least conquered the first set of patterns. I was determined not to give up and walk away from it and so far so good!
I am a self taught knitter and never really worked on learning all there is to knitting, just always picked something out that looked like I could do it. This has been a challenge for me and I'm sure if others were to look at it they would laugh and ask me what my problem was...with that said I just never did patterns before!!!
Kandice has now started knitting as well and is very excited to be picking it up. She is working on a sweater for Hannah. I wonder, well we ever get Krystal interested in knitting or crotcheting? I hope so but Krystal is an avid reader and enjoys sitting reading a good book in her spare time. Krystal has her own blog where she reviews books and gives honest opinions and reviews so be sure to check out her blog.
This weekend we are celebrating Keira's 6th birthday with dinner at King's Buffet and coffee and cake back here at nana and grandpas house. Her birthday is actually on the 29th. I can't believe she is going to be 6 yrs old. My little sweetheart is growing up and getting to be such a big girl. Which means nana is getting older too...oh dear!