Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 18th is WWKIP day!

This is the first time I've actually heard of this and when I read about it I was so excited.  Unfortunately, we are at the trailer on the weekends and therefore I can't go to the one close to us at Shall We Knit  I always do some knitting at the trailer whenever I can so even though I can't be at the get together I will be Knitting In Public at the trailer.  I'm sure if my daughter is up at their trailer she will be too!

Here is a little history of WWKIP day which is actually a week long celebration. Here you can find out if there is a KIP event in your area, find out about hosting a KIP and promoting your KIP with fliers. 

Will you be attending a Knitting In Public get together in the city where you live? 

summer is here

and the weather is hot, hot, hot!  Way too much humidity too.  I love summer and wish that we could just have the heat without the humidity.  With the humidity comes thunderstorms of course and we have had many of them lately.  Wild and crazy weather systems causing havoc all around.  Power outages, wind tossing things around and rain that just keeps on coming and flooding streets and rivers all around. 

We have been going to the trailer on the weekends again and there has been a lot of rain up there as well.  Last wednesday there was quite a storm go through doing some damage to the awning of a trailer right behind us.  We always get so nervous about the wind picking up while we are there that we always keep an eye on the awning.  It is such an expensive loss and therefore we are vigilant on bringing it in if we think the winds are picking up.  We never, ever leave it up when we leave the trailer for the week.  Besides I'd be a nervous wreck worrying the whole time.  We see that some people just lower the awning down to the deck but still the wind can grab it even when it is like that.  I just wouldn't want to have to deal with lossing the awning.  When I got up there last thursday the patio furniture was upended and all over the deck so I know if the awning had been down or out we likely would have had some issues too.

It was a quiet weekend at the trailer being out of the 3 families (our daughter and her family, and her in-laws and us) we were the only ones up in our little triangle.  LOL!  In fact right around us there were 9 families that weren't up which made it even quieter.  I sat outside on friday and worked on my knitting project.  I'm working on some blocks for my great-nephew who is due in July!  The baby shower is this saturday and I'm hoping to have them ready for that....good luck Lynda!  I better get moving so I have time to work on them again today!  It took me some time to figure out the pattern but now that I have it figured out it is coming along much better. 

I just finished reading a great book as well.  A Nicholas Sparks book.  A Safe Haven.  It was great!  I love reading any of his books but this one really kept me reading and not wanting to put it down.  If you enjoy his books then don't pass the opportunity to read this one!  I'm now reading a Kristen Hannah book called On Mystic Lake.  It has been a great read so far as well but it is taking me a bit longer to read it.  Not because it isn't good because it is. I just haven't gotten to the point where it is hard to put it down.  I've never read any of her books before and when I found it at a garage sale the lady had many of her books and she said they are great books to read.  I probably should have grabbed a few of them at that time!

Well, hope you are having a great week and enjoying the weather!  Leave a comment and your site and I will drop by and check out your site as well.