Thursday, April 22, 2010

whats been going on?

Obviously nothing too much because I haven't had anything to write about...LOL! I'm still so excited about the news of another grandchild but am worried about Kandice being she hasn't been feeling well lately. Work seems to be stressing her big time. I sure hope she is feeling better soon.

Today I picked up Krystal, Keira and Hannah for the girls to see the doctor. Hannah has an ear infection (poor babe...I hate to see them sick) and Keira needs to go back and see the ear, nose and throat specialist. She is just having some breathing difficulty again and night time seems to be hard on her again. Hopefully they can get her in soon and get things fixed up one way or another.

Well i'm off to work some more on the afghan and guess what? I'll be done very soon! Yippee....Kandi will be happy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have such great news to let you in on...

I'm going to be a nana to a 3rd grandchild! I'm so very excited and have kept it to myself for a while now. Kandice, Chris and Hannah are opening their arms and hearts to a new baby who is due Oct 28! She had an ultrasound on Tues and everything is looking good.
Hannah is so cute saying she is going to be a big sister and kissing her mommy's tummy. Kandice will have so much fun with her over the next few months as her tummy grows and hannah gets to feel the baby kicking. She is going to go to some midwife app'ts as well with her mommy and daddy! Keira may even get a chance to go as well so she can hear the baby's heartbeat.
Since we first found out I've had a feeling that it was a boy but today as I was filling out her "baby poll" I all of a sudden had a hunch that it is another girl! Can't wait to find out although I have several months until then!
So for now I'm just so excited for them and of course "gramps and I" too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A great weekend!

Well we certainly couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend that is for sure. With temps hitting in the mid 20's and breaking all records it was the best! The sun was so nice and being able to sit outside just made it a wonderful weekend. We managed to get some yard work done on Saturday and then we got to sit and enjoy some time with Kandi, Chris and Hannah for the afternoon.
On Good Friday we went up to the trailer to check things out and to open the popout and just see what it was like up there. Everything is great...lots of leaves so I guess next time we go up we should take a rake and some bags and gather them all up. The trailer and deck survived the winter although I guess this one wasn't so bad. We had lots of flies and ladybugs in the trailer and while Hannah was there she kept saying talking about the "eweys". That is what she calls bugs.
On Sunday we were all over at my parents. Again we sat outside in the beautiful sunshine although it was a bit cooler then the other days. We had lots of fun, laughter and of course food. It was nice to get together again with family. We even set a girls day date again. My neice is having a "spa day" on the 26th of June! These days are always fun when us girls get together. I'm looking forward to it! Hannah and Keira enjoy them too which is great!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

it's a long weekend!

So we finally have a long weekend and it sounds like the weather is going to be amazing! I think maybe we will get a bit of yard work done if hubby is up to it! We aren't doing too much with plants this year being we now spend most of our time at the trailer in the summer. In fact I think Arend wants to either lay sod or plant grass seed. I'd rather do some plants and stuff at the trailer to enjoy up there.
Trailer time is getting so close now, in fact Chris (SIL) was saying the gates are now open and we can go in anytime! Wine and cheese get together is in Apr and the water will get turned on sometime there after unless the owner decides to before then! That would be nice although it will still be cold at night so not likely too many overnight stays for a bit!
We are having an Easter Egg/chocolate hunt for all the kids at Mom and Dads on Sunday. Keira already asked me if there was going to be one this year. Seems they look forward to it come Easter. There is always so much chocolate and candies for them when we do this. Way tooo much in fact.
Well, not sure if anyone will be stopping by here this weekend being I don't get much traffic at all...LOL I can only wish, but if you do stop by please say hi and let me know you were here and if you have a site then I can return the favour! G
Happy Easter to you and your family!