Thursday, April 22, 2010

whats been going on?

Obviously nothing too much because I haven't had anything to write about...LOL! I'm still so excited about the news of another grandchild but am worried about Kandice being she hasn't been feeling well lately. Work seems to be stressing her big time. I sure hope she is feeling better soon.

Today I picked up Krystal, Keira and Hannah for the girls to see the doctor. Hannah has an ear infection (poor babe...I hate to see them sick) and Keira needs to go back and see the ear, nose and throat specialist. She is just having some breathing difficulty again and night time seems to be hard on her again. Hopefully they can get her in soon and get things fixed up one way or another.

Well i'm off to work some more on the afghan and guess what? I'll be done very soon! Yippee....Kandi will be happy!

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