Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting ready for the long weekend...

It started out that it was going to be a beautiful long weekend but now they are saying rain! Of course, what else is new? Seems like the May 24 weekend is always wet and yucky! I hope it doesn't take in the whole weekend though. the last I heard was rain on Saturday and nicer on Sun and Mon. Please let the weather be nice!

I got my cleaning all done up there the past weekend which I wanted to have done ASAP. After it being closed up all winter it just felt better to have it done. Arend got our sign up that he made. I looks so good! He really did a great job. I'll have to remember to take my camera this weekend and take some pictures. He put lattice around the deck too which makes it look finished now. Again it looks really nice too! Kandi gave me some of her hostas to put around the deck which look really good. Thanks Kandi for sharing with us! I may put some flowers there too but haven't fully decided if I am or when I am.

Kandi and Chris did lots of work with their flower beds and man what a difference it makes. She has some beautiful huge hostas around her trailer. In fact I have never seen such huge hostas. I hope they come up this weekend but if it is going to rain all weekend then I don't blame them for not wanting to....although it won't be the same without them! :)

Krystal and Adrian and Keira were going to come up too so not sure what will happen if Kandi doesnt'. They are still more then welcomed to come and stay with us but then again if it is going to rain the whole time it isn't that fun for the kiddos.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

weekend is almost here...

and we are going to the trailer! I hope the weather is somewhat like they are predicting. Sunny and warmer. All I care is that the sun is shining being we haven't seen it too much this week with all the rain and clouds we have had. It's been great for the sod Arend put down but enough is enough already!
Well, it appears that my healing is going along well, as I took the steri-strips off yesterday being they were curling at the edges and looking terrible. I'm not sure how long they were to be left on but I'm sure it was ok to remove them. I'll see the doctor on the 25th and I'm sure he will be ok with it!
I finally finished the afghan that I was making for Kandi. I've posted some pictures here. I've quite happy with the finished product except for the edging which you will see in the pictures. But, overall I think it turned out quite nice! Kandi seems to be happy and much warmer at work so that is what counts!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Grandaughter!

Kandi and Chris had Hannah's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. Wow, I can't believe my Hannah is already 2 years old. Where does the time go?

We had a great time helping her to celebrate! She got lots of nice clothes, toys, and surprises! Mommy and daddy got her a playset for the backyard with a swing, slide and such. Titi, Uncle and Keira got her lots of cool things including a scooter for her to use...although I didn't get to see it being it was a special surprise waiting for her for yesterday I'm sure she is loving it. She had tried them at the store apparently and enjoyed it! We got her a sand and water table for outside and by the look of things saturday evening she was enjoying it as well.

She had her grand parents, great-grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousin and Keira's avo and lolo (grand parents) there as well. Lots of yummy food and lots of pictures taken.

what has been happening?

Well, I was in and had my surgery to remove the lump I had in my left breast. As far as we know it is a cyst but has been sent for a biopsy just to be sure. I'm good with that, that way I know for sure. I have complete confidence in my doctor but it never hurts to double check right? The surgery went well, although I thought when I woke up friday morning that maybe it would be cancelled just because the lump appeared to be smaller than it had been. I mentioned it to the surgeon before being put under but he checked and still recommended going ahead with surgery. Turns out it hadn't gotten smaller just moved deeper in I guess. When the surgery was over he talked to my daughter Kandice and let her know that is was large and deep. So needless to say I'm glad it was done too!
Krystal and Adrian were a big help watching Hannah longer than usual that day being Chris was busy at work so I really appreciated that they were able to help Kandi out while she was with me. I never got home from the hospital until close to 630 or so that evening.
I have been doing well since then, with very little pain. I'm very surprised with the lack of pain actually but I'm not complaining trust me! The outer dressing is off now and there is still lots of swelling and some bruising but as long as I don't use the left arm too much it seems good. I did go to work today thinking I'd give it a try and see how things were but it certainly swelled up more using the arm like I did. I tried not lifting the arm too high but when you are at work you have to do what you have to do. I can't have someone else doing it for me, as it was, they were asking why I didn't do the upper shelves even though my DM should have let them know. Oh well what can you do! I did close to 1/3 of the store as it was....almost all the centre racks and part of the one wall...what more can you do?