Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting ready for the long weekend...

It started out that it was going to be a beautiful long weekend but now they are saying rain! Of course, what else is new? Seems like the May 24 weekend is always wet and yucky! I hope it doesn't take in the whole weekend though. the last I heard was rain on Saturday and nicer on Sun and Mon. Please let the weather be nice!

I got my cleaning all done up there the past weekend which I wanted to have done ASAP. After it being closed up all winter it just felt better to have it done. Arend got our sign up that he made. I looks so good! He really did a great job. I'll have to remember to take my camera this weekend and take some pictures. He put lattice around the deck too which makes it look finished now. Again it looks really nice too! Kandi gave me some of her hostas to put around the deck which look really good. Thanks Kandi for sharing with us! I may put some flowers there too but haven't fully decided if I am or when I am.

Kandi and Chris did lots of work with their flower beds and man what a difference it makes. She has some beautiful huge hostas around her trailer. In fact I have never seen such huge hostas. I hope they come up this weekend but if it is going to rain all weekend then I don't blame them for not wanting to....although it won't be the same without them! :)

Krystal and Adrian and Keira were going to come up too so not sure what will happen if Kandi doesnt'. They are still more then welcomed to come and stay with us but then again if it is going to rain the whole time it isn't that fun for the kiddos.

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KShiell said...

We'll be there even if it rains! I have lots of cleaning to do inside out trailer so it'll be alright if it rains a little! I'm looking forward to another weekend there! :) It's always such a great time!