Thursday, May 13, 2010

weekend is almost here...

and we are going to the trailer! I hope the weather is somewhat like they are predicting. Sunny and warmer. All I care is that the sun is shining being we haven't seen it too much this week with all the rain and clouds we have had. It's been great for the sod Arend put down but enough is enough already!
Well, it appears that my healing is going along well, as I took the steri-strips off yesterday being they were curling at the edges and looking terrible. I'm not sure how long they were to be left on but I'm sure it was ok to remove them. I'll see the doctor on the 25th and I'm sure he will be ok with it!
I finally finished the afghan that I was making for Kandi. I've posted some pictures here. I've quite happy with the finished product except for the edging which you will see in the pictures. But, overall I think it turned out quite nice! Kandi seems to be happy and much warmer at work so that is what counts!

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KShiell said...

I love my new blanky! :) Thanks so much for spending the time on it that you did! I've had a lot of compliments from people here at work! :)