Sunday, January 22, 2012

Knitting Video and Audio podcasts

My daughter has passed on her love of knitting video and audio podcasts to me.  She was telling me about them way back in the summer so I started watching/listening and really got hooked on them as well.  I have a few that are my favourites and tune in most every week or play catch up when I miss them.  I will make a list to share with you. 

In December my daughter decided she was going to try her hand at video podcasting as well.  She is doing great with it although since Christmas she hasn't had time to record one.  Christmas was busy, busy with little kiddos and of course the flu made its rounds through their home and everyone got it there.  I'm hoping she will record again really soon as I enjoy seeing them.  One episode she had her sister on who is the blogger behind a wonderful book blog called Krystal's Stellar Book Blog.   Anyways, Kandice did her knitting segments and Krystal did her book segments and it was great!  They are pros at video podcasting!  Be sure to stop by Tangledknits blog as well.  If you are on Ravelry she also has a group there called Friends of Tangledknits that you can join.  Kandice recently had a giveaway going on in her group and plans to have others so check it out!

So as promised here is a list of the podcasts I watch/listen weekly or as often as possible.

Tangledknits  also on iTunes!  Kandice is a busy mother of 2 kiddos who loves to knit and shares her love for knitting in her video podcast.  She has had a giveway and plans to have more as she gets her videocast up and running.
Knitabulls  also on iTunes!  Dianne is so much fun to watch.  She shares her love of knitting and spinning and has giveaways as well.
The Knit Girllls also on iTunes!  Leslie and Laura keep us entertained while sharing their love for knitting and of course spinning.  They have giveaways and do book reviews as well.
Dramatic Knits Steve and Callie are the personalities behind this videocast.
Stockinette Zombies Megan and Amy are the personalities behind this videocast. 
KnitPurlGurl Karrie shows off her knitting, crochet and sewing projects, she also has giveaways and does book and product reviews.

There are others I am just starting to watch/listen and I will add to my list as I get more into them.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Wow, we are at the middle of January already.  Christmas was wonderful with time spent with family and enjoying the excitement of our grandchildren.  Watching the smiles and hearing the giggles of the girls while they opened their gifts and played with their new toys was wonderful.  Watching Everett opening his gifts which he seemed to catch onto very quickly and enjoyed doing so was super fun too.  His excitement with seeing new cars and trucks and books makes Christmas so special.  The kiddos certainly got lots of new and fun toys that is for sure.

I rec'd lots of wonderful gifts including gift card for Old Navy, panties, Iphone, a sweater, handknit fingerless gloves, ornaments, knit project bag and pattern holder, a gift card for hubby and I to go to a very nice restaurant in town, gift cards for Shall we Knit (LYS), Timmies Gift Card, some items from Lush and then for my birthday I got a new coat and boots! 

Since Christmas we have all had a bout with the stomach flu with the exception of my husband who somehow missed it (lucky him). It wasn't as horrible as other flubugs but still not something you want to go through.  Now, we are hoping that the rest of 2012 will be free of any sicknesses.

My husband had been laid off from his job in Dec and man it has been a struggle so far.  He picked up a job with a framer who also did work for the company he was working for so that helped and he also does weekend work with another guy as well.  It's been stressful for both of us but certainly on my husband.  He is not one to sit around doing nothing and he likes the stability of knowing he has a good job and one he enjoys going to although as with any job there are always the stresses that come with it.  Hopefully, in Feb he will get called back to his original job.  Fingers crossed!

This year I am hoping to spend more time knitting and posting more here about my passion.  I would like to try new and challenging patterns this year, maybe try my hand at using my daughters drop spindle, do some crocheting (christmas ornaments).  I am starting the year off by choosing to knit a really nice pattern that I won as part of giveaway from Friends of Tangledknits, a group on Ravelry.  Along with the pattern which was gifted to me by Kandice of Tangledknits I also won pattern magnets from Slipped Stitch Studios and a skein of handspun from The Wacky Windmill.  I was so excited to have won a great prize like this.  Yay for me!  So that pattern I choose was The Hitchiker by Martina Behm.  I went to Shall we Knit and used one of my GC's from Christmas to get some beautiful Fleece Artist yarn in a gorgeous colourway and started knitting today!  I'll take pictures and show my progress here.  I'm so excited!

I'm looking forward to a great year after the ending of 2011!