Thursday, April 1, 2010

it's a long weekend!

So we finally have a long weekend and it sounds like the weather is going to be amazing! I think maybe we will get a bit of yard work done if hubby is up to it! We aren't doing too much with plants this year being we now spend most of our time at the trailer in the summer. In fact I think Arend wants to either lay sod or plant grass seed. I'd rather do some plants and stuff at the trailer to enjoy up there.
Trailer time is getting so close now, in fact Chris (SIL) was saying the gates are now open and we can go in anytime! Wine and cheese get together is in Apr and the water will get turned on sometime there after unless the owner decides to before then! That would be nice although it will still be cold at night so not likely too many overnight stays for a bit!
We are having an Easter Egg/chocolate hunt for all the kids at Mom and Dads on Sunday. Keira already asked me if there was going to be one this year. Seems they look forward to it come Easter. There is always so much chocolate and candies for them when we do this. Way tooo much in fact.
Well, not sure if anyone will be stopping by here this weekend being I don't get much traffic at all...LOL I can only wish, but if you do stop by please say hi and let me know you were here and if you have a site then I can return the favour! G
Happy Easter to you and your family!

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KShiell said...

I'm always here checking things out! It was a great weekend and the extra day off today was great! I'm not sure I'm ready yet to go back to work tomorrow! :)