Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 18th is WWKIP day!

This is the first time I've actually heard of this and when I read about it I was so excited.  Unfortunately, we are at the trailer on the weekends and therefore I can't go to the one close to us at Shall We Knit  I always do some knitting at the trailer whenever I can so even though I can't be at the get together I will be Knitting In Public at the trailer.  I'm sure if my daughter is up at their trailer she will be too!

Here is a little history of WWKIP day which is actually a week long celebration. Here you can find out if there is a KIP event in your area, find out about hosting a KIP and promoting your KIP with fliers. 

Will you be attending a Knitting In Public get together in the city where you live? 

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KShiell said...

We weren't at the meet up but we were definitely knitting in public! :) Thanks for teaching me such a great hobby! I LOVE IT!