Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics have started!

I was just laying here watching the Canadian womens hockey team playing against the Slovakian team.  In the first 12 minutes of the game Canada had already scored 6 goals.  The first period ended at 7 - 0.  I tell you I felt terrible for the goalie of the Slovak team but good going Canada!

I was also watching the Womens Mogels (sp?) and the last I saw before they changed to the hockey was Jenn Heil was in 2nd  and Kristi Richards was in 4th.  This of course is just for qualifications.  20 of 27 woman will qualify to go for the medals.

Now I'm watching the womens speed skating short track qualifications.  Looks good for Canada there too!


Lynda said...
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KShiell said...

It's been exciting to watch the Olympics this year! Definitely makes me proud to be Canadian!

KShiell said...

BTW - really like the new blog layout! It's very pretty and spring-y! :)