Friday, February 19, 2010

Tomorrow I take the kids to the airport!

So tomorrow is the big day for the kids.  They are heading to the Dominican Republic.  I'm so excited for them but will miss them all very much.  This is the first time that they are all going away together and we are staying home.  We've done family cruises before but this time mom and Arend are staying behind.  Actually, we are dog sitting and hamster sitting which will be fun!  Today was the first day with the hamster and yes I was able to take Buddy out of his cage and put him in his ball to run and then put him back in his cage again.  I wasn't sure if I could but I told Keira not to worry that Nana would make sure she would give him the exercise he needed. 
Tonight Kandi, Chris and Hannah brought Sage over for us to watch.  She is going to miss her whole family and Rocko (krystals dog).  They are good friends and being they all live in the same house the dogs are together everyday.  Arend is going to take her for walks every night he says when he goes for his walk so she'll be getting lots of exercise for sure.  Who knows, maybe if I get ambitious I can take her out during the day being I'm supposed to be doing things to help me loose a little weight too.

So i'll be picking up my friends van in the morning and then going over and picking  everyone and everything up!  Let's hope we can fit everything into the van and have room for everyone to be comfy!

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