Monday, February 8, 2010

Painted our bedroom

Today I painted our bedroom.  Well actually it is the one we were in up until a year ago and then we moved to the room at the back of the house.  We have decided to move everything back to the Master again.  I know it sounds strange but we just found that during the summer evenings it could be quite noisy with a certain motorcycle that would go by every night at 9pm and then come back later in the night.  It was annoying.  Well now all this past summer there was no sign of the motorcycle or the man that drove it which is weird (hopefully nothing happened to him).

The room looks great in the new colour.  Hmmm...can't remember what it is called though.  I'll have to have a look and post the colour later.  We are going to put in new carpet or hardwood so it will be a while before we are ready to switch rooms.  I'm anxious now to get everything back to normal and have the room looking all so pretty and cozy!

Well, I guess now I should tidy myself up and start to get dinner ready.

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