Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what a weekend that was!

So as I last posted I was going to be heading to the airport to meet the kids and share in all the excitement of thier Dominican vacation.  Well, that did and didn't happen!!!

When I arrived at the airport I waited for what seemed like an eternity for them.  Eventually after an hour and 20 minutes from the time they arrived I see Brenda and Ken.  They come over to talk to me and inform me that "they wouldn't let them on".  Wouldn't let who on I wondered?  At first I thought she was joking with me until she said it again this time with tears in her eyes.  Now I'm scared.  The story is long and it is best to read it here   http://www.gethealthymomma.blogspot.com/  This is Kandice's blog where she describes what happened in a shortened version. 

So that night I brought Krystal, Adrian, Keira and Hannah home from the airport thankful to have them home safe and sound.  We talked the whole way home about what happened and about their trip which by the sound of things they all enjoyed very much.  We get home and head to bed being it is now 5am.  At 830 I just can't take it any longer and I start trying to reach Kandi in the hospital in the DR.  I have no luck so Kyrstal who is up now tries.  After many attempt she is able to get in touch with Kandi and lets me talk to her right away.  It is so good to hear her voice although she sounds so tired and not well it makes me so happy of course though the tears start to flow.

So now with Krystal and everyone else ready we leave to take them home so that they can change and do whatever they need to so they can head out to pick up their dog who was staying at Adrians parents.

That night I talk to Kandi again at which time she is sounding much better.  I get the word that they will be on a flight out that night at 11:40 and would be landing here approx. 4 hours later!  So I get a couple of hours sleep that night, wake at 2am and head back to the airport!  Not much of a wait this time and finally there they are!  Home safe and sound!  Thank goodness!

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KShiell said...

It's so nice to be back home - safe, healthy and back with my Hannah bear! What a scary ordeal!