Monday, March 15, 2010

I was supposed to have gotten the results from my Mammo and ultrasound on friday but unfortunately for me the mammo never got read by the radiologist therefore I didn't get the results. I was so upset when I talked to the doctor that I think I ended up hanging up on her. It is so frustrating because she told me that being she was going to be away until thursday this week that she had asked that the radiologist had been asked to read and report to her friday so she could let me know. I just find it frustrating being I had to wait and worry all weekend and who knows how long this week. The doctor did mention that maybe there would be someone at the office who could possibly let me know the results otherwise it will be thursday. So wait I will until I get the results, which I'm sure are going to be just fine but still not knowing is very hard. Not only on my but for my family as well!
So today Kandice is picking me up and going with me to the hospital to get my 2nd injection in my back. I have just been noticing the last week or so that I'm starting to get the pain back slowly. I have to say the injection that I had a month ago has been working well for me! I was pain free for a few weeks and able to be up and about with much more comfort. Thank goodness for Dr Moamar for listening to me about the pain and discomfort. It took many years and finally sitting in the family doctors office crying and letting her know what I've been going through for so many years.
Friday evening we enjoyed a fun filled visit with Hannah and her mom and dad. She is quite the little ham I tell you. She keeps us laughing and having so much fun with her. She sure is learning so much and talking nonstop these days. Putting so many sentences together and the cutest is when she is telling us something and we just can't figure it out and we are repeating what we think she is saying only for her to say "no", "no" "no" and finally a "yes" when we get it right. She is just a sweetheart and hard to believe she is going on 2 yrs old already. Wow, where does the time go?
Yesterday then we had a visit with miss Keira and her mom and dad. She is a sweetheart as well and man can she read. She is now reading at a 6-8 yr old level and she is not even 6 yet. She is doing so well with the reading. Definately like her mom and her aunt for reading. They were both reading well when they started kindergarten. She is another ham too....she was so silly yesterday but I think some of it was the chocolate she had eaten.
We are truly blessed with 2 wonderful little grand daughters. They are such a joy to us and bring so much happiness to both Arend and I. Being a nana is the best thing!

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