Saturday, March 27, 2010

new update!

So here it is Saturday again and I haven't posted in so long. It was bit of a busy week working a couple of odd shifts. Starting later in the day and getting home later but that is the way it goes when you do inventory! You go when the customer wants you there. This week was a couple of days at the University of Guelph bookstores. I enjoy doing these each year. The manager that we deal with is very nice and easy to work with. They certainly do a lot of prep work which makes it much easier to do our part!

So today I'm going to go and meet Kandi, Chris and Hannah at Kindermusik for Hannah's class. I'm not sure what all they do but it sounds cute and she seems to enjoy herself.

Kandi has a couple of maternity shoots to do this weekend so Krystal is helping her out with those while Keira and Adrian go to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. That should be lots of fun! She loved it last year although it was cold and yucky out. Today on the other hand is supposed to be a better day for the festival. Lets hope so! Have fun Keira and daddy! Yummy pancakes...have one for nana too!

I had a great afternoon yesterday visiting with a friend and going for a nice long walk with her. It was cool but sunny. We did a lot of uphill walking which takes a lot of of me but I enjoyed it very much! I love going for walks if I have someone to walk with. Maybe I just need to start putting on the headphones for the IPod and going off during the day now that the nice weather is starting to show!!

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