Tuesday, April 19, 2011

what is your favourite TV show right now?

I am a big fan of The Biggest Loser (have been for many seasons).  I enjoy watching and cheering on the people on this show.  I generally have my favourite that I really want to go all the way.  This year it was Arthur, mainly because he really needed to be at the ranch.  He was 510 lbs when he started on the show and when he was sent home he weighed in at 393.  I know when they do the "what do they look like now" at the end of the show Arthur was doing well with continuing his weight loss.  I hope he has been able to keep it up and when the finale comes along maybe he will win the at home contest.

Another show that I am really into right now is Parenthood. I really enjoy this show.  At first I wasn't sure but then my daughters would talk about it and how they found it more like real life than a lot of shows.  I would watch it once in a while but then started to see it every tues night right after The Biggest Loser.  Sometimes the talking over each other really gets to much for me but overall the show is excellent.

I can't think of any other shows off hand that I love to watch other than my NASCAR on Sundays.  If we can't be here to watch it we like to PVR it.  Go Dale Go!  88 all the way!!!

What are your favourite shows or do you watch TV?

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Krystal said...

I do love Parenthood - it's real and deals with real life situations more so than other shows I think.
But if I had to pick 1 show to watch, right now it would The Vampire Diaries.