Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soap nuts!

A while back I posted that I had won some a Yore Laundry Trio package from Yoreganics which included the Soap Nuts, Stain Remover and Whiten and Brightens powder.  I have used all 3 products and I have to say the clothes have come out clean and stain free (we don't have many stains usually)! My husband works for a Home Builder and gets quite dirty (esp. this time of year with all the mud) and he says his clothes are as clean as they were with the detergent that we had been using.  I didn't think he really noticed the laundry but when I decided to try a cheaper brand of detergent on time he was quick to tell me that his clothes just didn't appear to be washed well.  Yep, he noticed!

Anyways, when i first opened the package I thought "what the heck, with a smell like that it can't possibly get the clothes clean and fresh smelling"!  But it did clean the clothes and has continued to keep them clean and fresh.  I just recently refilled the bag with a new round of the soap nuts.  You use approx. 5 nuts in the mini bag that comes with the nuts and depending on the water temp and the softness/hardness of the water will determine how often you change them.  Usually 4-6 loads is what you would expect to get.  To check and see if the nuts are still good to use put them in a bottle with some water and shake.  If you still get some suds then they can still be used if not it is time to change them.  They can be put in the composter which is another plus.  I have really enjoyed using them and will likely order some when I am getting low.  The soap nuts are actually berries that come from the Chinese Soapberry Tree, or Sapindus Mukorossi, in India.  So for anyone with nut allergies these are safe because they are berries!

For more information be sure to check out Yoreganics website! 

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KShiell said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying them! :) So far I've liked them too!