Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

I'm looking forward to catching the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate tomorrow morning.  I know that so many people wonder why I want to get up and watch the wedding and to that I guess I would say it's just to see the pomp and pagentry. 

In 1981 when Princess Diana was getting married to Prince Charles I woke up to watch it and stayed glued to the TV to catch it all.  Diana was such a beautiful person inside and out and to see her in her beautiful wedding gown was just a wonderful thing to take in.  I followed as much of Diana as I could without going to the extreme but I loved looking at her in magazines and reading about her. It was so sad that the paparazzi would chase her down and not leave her alone but then again if they had we wouldn't have been able to follow her and what was going on in her life.  It was such a tragic day when I woke up to the news that Princess Di had been killed in an accident in Paris.  How could a Princess have died so tragically?

I truly hope that with Prince William and Kate that the paparazzi has learned from the past and that they let them have some private time....not chasing Kate all over the place, looking for her to make mistakes.  Let them be!  I know, if they do we won't see much about them.  This is true but then again I think they should be given the chance to make this marriage work and give her the time she needs to learn everything she needs to.

Will you be watching?  Have you watched any of the specials that have been airing on TV this past week on the Royals and Kate?


Krystal said...

With all this talk of the Royal Wedding - I feel a wee bit special because we actually met Prince Charles. So I'm a wee bit Royal myself. And the fact that I *was* going to marry Harry makes me a bit of a princess too!

Lynda said...

I guess then that would have made me a wee bit Royal too Krystal!! With you meeting Prince Charles and marrying a Prince and I would have been the MIL of a! Sounds Royal to me!!!

KShiell said...

Haha you guys are funny! :)