Friday, April 29, 2011

What a beautiful wedding indeed!

What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride.  I absolutely loved Kates dress.  Very simple, elegant and perfect for her! 

Look at that look of love as they leave Westminster Abbey!

I decided to only get up a little bit early this morning.  So at 4:15 I went to the other room to see what was going on.  Guests were arriving at Westminster Abbey and people were lining the streets to watch.  Of course the most anticipated moment was to see what Kate had chosen to wear.  Kates sister looked absolutely beautiful as well.

I wish the couple love and happiness and may they live a long and prosperous life!
Diana would have been so proud!!!


Krystal said...

I didn't get up to watch it, but we have it recorded. I'm looking forward to watching it now actually. Kate looks beautiful! And Harry back there (you can see him when you click on the pic) is looking cute too!

KShiell said...

I was up and watching it! I shed a few tears at the beautiful ceremony and the love they share! :) So sweet, simple and perfectly perfect!