Monday, April 11, 2011


Knitting has become a favourite pastime of mine over the years but lately having one of my daughter Kandice knitting as well has made it more fun.   (we have tried to get my youngest daughter Krystal to knit with us but she is an avid reader and has a book blog that is her passion) Please check out her blog and let her know I sent you!  Anyways, for me knitting is a way to take a break during the day even if it is only a few rows done and it is a relaxing way to wind down from a busy day.  The only time I find it stressful is when I can't make hide nor hare out of the instructions and I sit there reading it over and over and over and working it the way i'm reading it until finally it sinks in.

My MIL was a knitter as well.   She actually knit socks for extra income for Philosophers Wool, Inverhuron ON.  She did some amazing work with colours and she could knit socks like no one I've seen before.  Some of her socks were featured in the book Sock Hop.  (half way down page)

I inherited a whole lot of wool from her stash when she passed away which Kandice has since used some of it to make a hat.  One day I will attempt to make socks like my MIL with all the different colours but until then I'll just make the ones that have only a couple colours. 
Right now i'm working on a really cute pattern from the Child's Play magazine (from Creative Knitting) that Kandice had found and thought I may enjoy.  There are so many adorable patterns just waiting to be knit in this magazine but the first one I have picked to do is the Nautical Stripes Onesie for my great nephew when he is born in July. 

This shouldn't take long now that I have it started and then I should have some time to make some cute little knit toys to go with it as a shower gift. 

Do you find knitting relaxing or is it just something you pick up and do just because?  What are you working on or do you have many WIPs?

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KShiell said...

I love knitting! Thanks for helping me get started!

I do knitting to relax totally! Each day I need a "mommy break" I pick up my knitting and like you mentioned - I'll probably only get a couple of rows done but at least it's a de-stresser!

Right now I am (as you know) a pair of pants for E - and I'm sure by the time I'm done, he'll either have outgrown them or it'll be to warm to wear them. And I'm also working on a baby blanket - and that's all I can say about that! :)