Sunday, January 16, 2011

my dad's 75th

We celebrated my dads 75th birthday yesterday. My sister and her hubby hosted the celebration. It was really nice. It was just family there including dads sister and her husband. We all really had a nice time. As usual there was lots of snacks and yummy food for dinner. Unfortunately, I had another one of my attacks (something I ate? who knows) so we ended up leaving a little before others. We missed out on dad opening the cards and gifts but by the sound of it he got some wine, several lottery tickets and lots of good wishes!
It is so nice that dad and mom get to see their kids, grandchildren and great-grand children and have the opportunity to spend time with us. 75 years old...well we see that I often wonder? I sure hope if I do that I am as young feeling and looking as my parents are. Mom will be 73 next month.

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Krystal said...

Nice post mom! Sorry you had to leave early, you didn't miss out on TOO much :)