Friday, January 28, 2011

a fun day

The girls and Hannah and Everett came over today for a visit. It was really nice to have them here. We laughed lots and had fun watching Hurricane Hannah come through nana's house. She just loves to play and get things out of everywhere. It really is cute sitting watching her and wondering what next she is thinking of doing. Everett was happy and talking and smiling like crazy too which is great.

It was PJ day for them as well as for Keira at school today. When they got here Krystal, Hannah and Everett were in their jammies. Hannah wanted me to go and get back in mine but Kandi convinced her that nana was in her comfies which is almost like being in PJ's. Kandi had gone to the chiropractor so she was dressed in comfies too but Hannah was ok with that I guess.

So overall it was a lot of fun. Too bad my little Keira couldnt' have been here but she had her PJ day and was so excited about it Krystal said.

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