Thursday, January 27, 2011


My daughter (actually my grand daughter who had my name for christmas stockings) got me a subscription to the knitting magazine Knit Simple. It is a great magazine with lots of patterns and info in it. Well, for my birthday Kandi and Chris decided to let me pick out some yarn for me to knit something as long as it was for me, so off we went to the Kitchener Market to Yarn Indulgences and we picked out some beautiful "Heathers Cascade Yarn". The pattern I picked out is in the Holiday Issue of Knit Simple. The problem is, the pattern is sort of messed up and the magazine has issued some corrections for it but I'm not getting it at all. So I'm at a standstill with my vest! I'm waiting for Kandi to come over or me to go over there again so maybe she can read it and see what she comes up with. I've just finished emailing the magazine to see if someone can get back to me to help me as well.

Wish me luck because I really just want to get this finished so I can wear it!

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