Thursday, August 26, 2010

so sleepy yet so wide awake

I have just started to get this cold or whatever it may be so tonight Arend went out and got me some Drixorel which I have taken for a while now whenever I get a cold but lately, if I take it at bedtime I will only sleep for about 1-2 hours and then I am awake and my legs just won't hold still. So tonight I thought I had taken it early enough so that it wouldn't bother me at bedtime. WRONG!!!
I slept for just 1 1/2 hours and WHAM there I was laying in bed actually tossing and turning trying so hard to just fall back asleep but couldn't do it.
I'm so tired and trying to stay awake here but yet when I crawl back into bed I'm awake again. It is driving me nuts.
So that is more Drixorel at or near bedtime!
On a better note I have started to knit a really cute sweater for "baby boy" otherwise known as "baby brother" to Hannah and Keira. (Can't wait until Kandi and Chris decide on his name, although I'm sure he will quite often be called "baby brother" by the girls and all of us being we have been calling him that since we found out he was a boy!) I've been having a really hard time finding cute baby boy sweaters and even some that say they could be unisex tend to look to fancy for a boy. It wasn't this hard finding stuff to make for the girls that is for sure, but this sweater is just the start I hope. I've actually never had to make for a boy I don't believe or at least not in the last 6 yrs. I hope this one turns out ok and fits "baby brother" like it should.
Of course I will post pictures of it when I finish.


KShiell said...

Sorry you didn't sleep last night mom! That's horrible! I hope you're feeling better soon and can get some sleep early tonight at the trailer!

KShiell said...

Are you still sleeping? We're waiting for an update! :)