Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures from Driftwood Beach Park

this is looking onto the lake where we can go out in the paddleboat.  Not sure who this is, Kandi and I were out taking pictures.  She is helping me learn to take better pics.

Arend and I had headed out to go fishing and I thought this was a nice pic to take.  Way off in the background you can see the lighthouse.

Where we go fishing.  As you can see from the clouds a storm was moving in.

Looking at the storm clouds in the water.  A beautiful reflection!

Sun Aug 15th...storm moving in!  Just as we got back from fishing the skies opened up and it rained for quite some time.

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KShiell said...

Sorry I haven't commented in such a long time! I usually read your blog through my RSS feed and that doesn't take me right to your blog for easy commenting! You took some great picutres! I love the one of the clouds in the reflection! You should definately have that printed and framed! :) Keep up the good work!