Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls weekend away!

Well, it really will depend on how Kandi and the girls are all feeling in the morning. We have a weekend planned in Birch Run Michigan for Kandi, Krystal, Hannah, Keira and nana (me)! Back to school shopping and baby shopping. I'm just going alond for the ride! LOL! I'm hoping to get each of the kids a new outfit or something that they might need. Yes, including my precious little grandson that is due in Nov.
I'm excited to go but on the same hand worried about Kandi. She has put in a terrible month with kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It has been a rough time for her. The pain has been horrible and she has even ended up in the hospital a couple times due to this. Finally, the family doctor ordered an ultrasound yesterday to see if there are stones. Don't ask me why no one ordered one a long time ago, but anyways she is now waiting for results from that that were supposed to have been sent to the doctor ASAP. I guess next day (hopefully) is ASAP to some people. I know that they are busy and I had the same thing happen when waiting for results from my mammogram. So I'm hoping and praying that if we do decide to go that all is well with her. The girlies have a bit of a cold each too. Keira just found out her adnoids have grown back in again and therefore she needs to see the specialist again this week too. Not sure yet what they will do but most likely remove them again.
We had a great family get together up at the trailers last weekend. Lots of fun! There was 25 of us. Lots of yummy food, fun and great times were had by all by the sound of it. I'll try to post some pics here tomorrow before we go or when we get back.
For now my McFlurry is melting away. My wonderful hubby just went and picked them up for us. YUMMY!

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