Monday, August 23, 2010

Shopping in the States

The girls and I left friday morning at 10:30 and eventually got to the hotel at 5pm friday evening.  The drive should have only taken about 4.5 hours but the border was very busy and we were there about 1 1/2 hours or so.  The drive overall was good, we listened and watched Cat in the Hat, The Wiggles, and Toopy and Binoo and when the little girls fell asleep for a bit the radio came on.  At the border we played lots of "eye spy".  Lots of fun!

We stayed in Saginaw and the Fairfield Inn by Marriot.  The room was great.  Clean and very comfy.  The last trip we took to the states for shopping was to Buffalo and the room and hotel we stayed in was the worst, but we did get ALL our money back after a lot of fighting with the hotel and head office.  Anyways, this was really nice.  We went for dinner at Denny's on friday night then came back to the room and got ready to go swimming.  That was lots of fun.  Hannah and Keira love the water and played lots until it was time to head back and get ready for bed.

Hannah was so excited to be going "shop, shop, shopping" on saturday and Keira was very excited to be going "back to school" shopping.  And boy did we do lots of shopping for the kiddos.  All 3 (even "baby brother" as he is known as at this time) got lots of new things.  I think they are all set for a while now.

Birch Run Outlet Mall in Michigan is very nice but not so suitable for kids in strollers and tired kids.  It is a lot of walking and it is all outdoors.  The sections are spread out over a lot of space and we found we had to get in and out of the car a lot with the kids.  I really think i like indoor malls better.  There were restaurants near but again you needed to walk quite a ways or get in and drive.  We choose to walk to Bob Evans but then it looked like it was going to storm really bad so I headed back to the car to get it so we didn't all have to walk in the rain.  Turns out though it didn't rain after all...just got really dark and looked like rain.

Overall we had a great time and would do it again but maybe without the kids next time?  Mind you the kiddos make it lots of fun too.  Especially when they are supposed to be going to sleep but would rather sing, laugh and giggle instead.  Eventually though they went to sleep and we got to watch the funniest show about the 80's. 

Can you believe someone can go shopping in the states at an outlet mall and still come home with absolutely nothing for herself?  Well that is me!  Kandi called me a "lameo"...LOL!  She bought herself a beautiful diaperbag from...COACH!  woohoo Kandi and Krystal bought herself a cute little clutch or whatever you calll it from....COACH!  woohoo Krystal.  I just carried the big bag for Kandi as we headed back to the car looking like I bought something from Coach....LOL!!! 

Thank you Kandi, Hannah, Krystal and Keira for a great weekend.  Lets do it again sometime!

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KShiell said...

We had a great time! Thanks for coming with us and also getting a few new things for "baby brother" and Hannah. We appreciate everything!