Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Surgery, recuperating and trying to knit

I haven't forgot about my blog I was in the hospital having a hysterectomy for a large fibroid I had that was causing some issues that the GYN thought would be best to remove everything.  I thought that was the best idea as well after doing some research on fibroids and total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH)!  The reason for abdominal surgery rather than laproscopic was due to previous uterine surgery, scar tissue and the size of the fibroid which did shrink some, due to some medication I took to help shrink it.

During the TAH, the ureter was cut which meant they had to call a urologist in to repair (reimplant) he ureter to the bladder and also place a stent to help heal it.  Apparently, there was also trouble with intubation but all that caused was not much of a voice the next day or so.  The catheter was also an issue in the hospital but everything seemed to settle down.  I had surgery on May 16, released from hospital on the 21st and have been staying with my parents since my release!  Dr wanted me near by so she could have me come in a few times a week if needed but turns out I was doing better than expected so only had to see her once so far.

No driving makes it difficult for me to head home as we live 45 minutes away from the hospital and dr.  Whereas staying with my parents I'm only 20 min away.

I am healing nicely which is what we want, the drive today to the dr. was very hard on me and therefore I slept for a couple hours afterwards.

As for knitting, well that has been a challenge to say the least.  My daughter bought me some gorgeous yarn (indigo dragonfly) and a beautiful pattern called Sargaco Shawl by Janelle Martin aka Antheras on Ravelry a local knitter and designer.  My mind just didn't work for the first week and a bit after surgery due to antesthetic I guess and after numerous attempts I finally just had to let it be for a day or so then I picked it up again.  I've frogged it so many times but plan on eventually completing it if at all possible.  The designer has been great with her replies to me with my questions!

Be sure to check out her Rav page and her designs.

Hope you are enjoying your week and knitting or crocheting.

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