Thursday, May 29, 2014


So recuperating is coming along well I think, I'm tired and have pain still but that is to be expected.  I was going to attempt to head home yesterday but I just really wasn't up for that car ride.   I took a little stroll again yesterday afternoon just around the corner and I'm sure people look and wonder why the crazy lady is out walking in her PJ's but honestly it's most comfy for me, not tight on me and just easiest to stay in them.

I continue to work on my Sargaco Shawl, knitting and then frogging back a bit trying to figure it all out.  Starting to wonder if I will ever understand it completely.  I've had patterns stump me before but this one takes the cake for me, BUT I'm determined to win.  I know more than anything it is just me and the fibro fog and the anesthetic wearing off my system so I just keep on going.  It is such a beautiful pattern and I am excited about it and finishing it!

When I get home I am also going to be working on some crocheted dish clothes for my mom.  She would like a few longer dish clothes with hooks on them so she can hang them for drying her hands on after coming in from outside!  So that is on my to-do list as well.  I may just have to make a few of them for me as well.

This past month I have found out that 3 of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer, one of them who was an online friend for approx. 10-11 yrs passed away within a week of her diagnoses with this being her 3rd battle over the years.  I keep my other 2 friends close in thoughts and pray that they can both recover and be cancer free and celebrate a wonderful life with family and friends.  This news has been very hard on me as we are all within a few yrs of age and knowing their families must be devastated.  I wish that one day in our lifetime that a cure will be found and that no one would ever have to suffer the devastation and sadness of its horrible grip.  My father is a cancer survivor! Remaining cancer free for 23 years, amazing.  We are all so lucky and blessed to have him with us still.

I hope you are enjoying your week and are continuing to create some new and exciting projects,

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