Thursday, July 12, 2012

Missing my little ones!

I've been a terrible blogger! It's been way too long since I last posted. So much has happened in that time. We have recently moved which kept me busy for a while. We are pretty much settled in to our new home although we are still working on things to get it the way we want it. That will be an ongoing thing but bit by bit things will get done. Painting is one of the big things as it freshens everything up and brightens the house and shows everyone your style and taste. We are very happy here so far other than the fact of being 45 minutes away from the kids and the little ones which makes me sad. I really miss the little ones now that I don't babysit but when I hear how they are adjusting and enjoying daycare and summer camp it makes me smile a little more each day. My little man has been working on the change the hardest though but he is coming along pretty good I think. Going to daycare instead of having mommy or nana there with him during the day is a huge change that is for sure. I check with Kandice each day to see how the transition went in the morning and it seems to be getting a little easier for him. Kandi says the director of the daycare seems to have a nice affect on him and she can calm him down easier if he is having a rough go at the morning entry. I really do miss seeing the kiddos everyday though that is for sure. I think overall it is a good thing for each of us though because now I can be NANA again rather than just the babysitter. I remember Hannah saying some mornings that she wanted someone to play with other than "the babysitter or Nana" so now she has that.
Some of my memories of babysitting my 3 favourite people!  I miss you guys so much!

I have so many more pictures and memories which I look at quite often and laugh when I think of all the fun we had together for those 7 months.  Thank you Keira, Hannah and Ev for sharing that time with me and I hope you had as much fun as Nana/The Babysitter had.  Love you to bits and pieces forever and ever!


GetHealthyMomma said...

They miss you too! A couple of mornings lately Hannah has asked when you were going to come back to babysit in the mornings. They are both adjusting well though with the new routine in the mornings and the evenings. Just means more weekends at Nana's for super fun sleepovers! :)

GetHealthyMomma said...

They miss you too Mom! A couple of mornings now Hannah has asked if I had to go to work and if you were coming! I think she forgets that she's at "school" now. They are adjusting well and I know now they are just going to have SUPER FUN sleepover weekends with Nana! :)