Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dealing with a cold

I think i'm in week 2 of this cold and week 3 of feeling terrible.  I'm trying hard to just deal with it but it's pulling me down big time.  The cold is in my chest and my voice comes and goes.  But, i'm fighting it and trying to win the fight.  I'm not giving up!

It was so nice to have everyone here for dinner and a visit on Sunday evening.  Krystal worked until 5 and then they came and Kandice was at the trailer and they came from there.  Funny thing was, I had just messaged Kandi to see if they had decided whether or not they were coming.  She asked what time Krystal worked until and said they hadn't decided yet.  I mentioned that i was making pulled pork in the slowcooker and hoped that was ok with everyone.  She said it sounded yummy and then I asked if they were still at the trailer.  Before she answered me or at least before I saw her answer the doorbell rang and being my hubby had just left it was up to me to answer it.  Guess who was standing looking in at me when I opened the door?  Hannah, Kandice and Chris while Ev was in checking out the garage like any little boy or man would want to do!  Yes, Chris went in too to check it out for a few minutes before rounding up Ev.  Of course this isn't the only time Kandi has tricked me but still I fall for it each time.  Oh ya, she also got me good that day about a snake.  I was looking through some vines for shells and she told me there was a snake.  Not good to do that to me because snakes are one of my biggest fears not matter the type or size.  I thought I was going to die of a heart attack and she thought I was going to cry.  I jumped out of that mess of vines so quick.  Got me again!!!

We had a really nice visit, the kiddos went searching for golf balls with the adults of course, at the front of the house they found 2 and we searched for snail shells but only found empty ones.  Can anyone tell me what happens to the snail inside?  I guess I could and most likely will Google it to find out.

The kiddos weren't feeling all the great with colds like nana so after lunch they had naps and Kandice and I were knitting for a bit while the guys were doing something outside or downstairs.  Oh right, moving the treadmill out of the garage.

Krystal, Adrian and Keira came and once again a surprise for them too...everyone was here for dinner.  Dinner was good, seemed like everyone enjoyed although the kiddos didn't eat much.  After dinner the guys did the dishes and us girls went back outside with the kiddos, once again in search of any golf balls that may have been misdirected to our propery due to whatever it is a golfer does to have a ball cross a highway and land on our property.  This time one was found and Keira got it!  A quick game of basketball with the kiddos and then Coffee and pie outside just before the rain started and then everyone got ready and headed home!

I just love when we have visits like that.  I'm so happy for the close knit family we have.  I love them all very much!

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gethealthymomma said...

We had a great time visiting and can't wait for our next one! The kids really seem to love it there! Love you!