Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Knitting is one of my favourite past-times as is crocheting.  I've worked on many things over the years as I posted in a previous post.  Sweaters, socks, blankets, wraps, barbie doll clothes, hats, cocoons for babies, christmas items, dishcloths and much more.  Right now both Kandice and I have been working on items to put into a craft sale at the trailer next summer.  We have both been making dishcloths but have other ideas to work on as well. 

My grand daughter Keira is waiting for some barbie clothes which I have just started working on again.  I have really slacked with these things while knitting dishcloths but I have decided I need a change from the dishcloths.  So now Keira will get some new barbie doll clothes very soon.

I enjoy reading blogs and tweets from other knitters which provide hints and tips as well as free patterns.  Kandice got me started with a subscription from Knit Simple for Christmas and along with that the company also sent me a Vogue Knitting subscription as well (to make up for all the trouble we had with the subscription).  I've really enjoyed the magazines so far and they have even sent extra once in a while so I'm able to share with Kandice too. 

I find knitting to be very relaxing although there are times when I question why I bother...especially when I just can't make any sense of the pattern for whatever reason.  Kandi has just started knitting less than a year ago but I tell you she has a great knowledge of knitting and patterns.  She has taught me some new things and tries (lol) to encourage me to take challenges with my knitting.

Today, I plan on sitting with my knitting after I get some housework done.  Enjoy your day no matter what you may be doing....


Angie said...

How great that you love knitting so much and I bet Keira can't wait to get her new Barbie clothes! I wish I could knit, but I just don't seem to be able to catch on so I grab a book instead. lol

Have fun knitting!

GetHealthyMomma said...

You're a great knitter! I'm glad I have someone to knit with when sitting around at the trailer! Thanks for getting me started! :)