Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dreaming in colour!

So the other night I had this dream that was full of smushy, squishy, beautiful skeins of yarn in so many beautiful colourways!  LOL, yep that's right.  I was dreaming of yarn.  I'm not sure why but I was.  In my dream I went to my mailbox and when I opened it this is what I saw.

I'm going to assume I was dreaming of yarn like this because of the post I made the other day with this picture on it and because I NEVER get yarn in my mailbox.  I think it was wishful thinking on my part.  Oh well, even if it is only in my dream it was fun and I was so excited that I danced and jumped on the side of the road (our mailbox is out at the road)!  What a sight that must have been to anyone driving by.  Too bad I had to wake up but like I said even if it was just a dream it was a nice one.  My daughter who is a knitter as well loves opening her mailbox and finding all the yarn goodness she gets quite often.  In fact when she heard about this dream while we were facetiming last night she held up some beautiful yarn she had just received.  LOL, I just have to go online sometime and check out all the yarn and order some for me.
Enjoy your day, whatever you may be doing. 
 Groundhog says it's going to be an early spring this year so lets wait and see!  It's nice and bright and sunny out today which hasn't happened very often this past week and a half. 

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