Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's almost Christmas

Here we are already the 4th of December.  Where did this year go?  Where did the last month go?  Seems like we were just giving out candy at the door on Halloween and now we are headed towards Christmas.

The little ones are getting so excited with each passing day.  The decorations have been placed, the trees are decorated and the gifts are being bought.  With all this happening they can't help but get excited.  Today we did our annual Family Christmas Tree decorating here at our house.  It is so fun to get together and enjoy each others company and talk and joke around and just have a lot of fun.  Everett is only 13 months old and taking it all in.  He helped to decorate the tree today even though he took a few decorations off the tree too! LOL...what a cutie.  Hannah and Keira love to place the ornaments in just the "right" spot and sometimes forget that the top of the tree also needs some ornaments as about sweethearts.  These are all precious moments that we will look back on in years to come.

I wonder sometimes if it is time to set this tradition aside being the family is growing and it becomes harder to arrange time with so much else on the go but then, I stop and think of the girls and how excited they are when they ask nana "when are we going to your house to decorate your tree?" 

I got some pictures of the tree decorating that I want to post here

Grandpa, Kandice, Everett, Adrian, Keira and Krystal

Chris and Hannah

Grandpa and Everett placing the angel!

I've  been busy working on a couple of knitting projects for Christmas gifts and babysitting the kiddos each day.  Having fun with them but realizing I'm not 20 anymore.  They sure do keep me busy.  I am almost done babysitting until the new year as Kandice managed to get some time off with vacation time that added up for her while off on mat leave.  I am having minor knee surgery on Friday (9th) to help repair a tear and hopefully relieve some of the knee pain.  We are having our Family Christmas on Boxing Day this year and the Veltkamp Family Christmas on the 17th.  Looking forward to both of those days but Christmas morning is what is exciting when grandpa and I head over to the kids house to spend the day there while we celebrate our Christmas.

I think today it is time for me to change my blog background to a nice Christmas one as well.

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