Thursday, November 18, 2010

the joys of being a female

Today was my physical which of course would include the dreaded PAP. Everything went well, we discussed a few things and I made it through the app't just fine. The doctor says she is convinced that it is Fibromyalgia that I have although we never did follow up on that discussion. I guess that means I will have to make another app't to discuss that. I'm not convinced that this doctor really believes that fibromyalgia actually exists. She also isn't convinced that the pain I'm having in my side is from my gallbladder. She seems to think that it may just be gas and has said the next time it happens I should go to the hospital and be checked there. They will likely do an ultrasound and run some other test she mentioned.
I have gone shopping with the girls a couple times this past week. Christmas shopping has begun!! I haven't done much but have managed to get a couple things. It's been fun and hectic at the same time. The little girls can be very excitable over Build-A-Bear and the toy dep't of stores...LOL but then again what child isn't? Everett takes to shopping so easily...he sleeps the time away, waking long enough to eat, get his diaper changed and take in a few sites along the ride. Gotta love the life of a 3 week old baby.
Today I got the Christmas Tree up and ready to decorate on Saturday when we all get together. This has been a family tradition, getting together for an afternoon or evening of fun, laughs and decorating the tree. I look forward to it every year and hope it will continue for many years!
Tomorrow, Hannah is coming to visit with nana and gramps for the night. Her parents are going to go to Toronto shopping on Saturday morning. Arend is going to a hockey game so Hannah and I have the evening to ourselves. What to do, what to do? Whatever we do, we will have lots of fun.

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