Wednesday, July 7, 2010

where is the time going?

I can't believe we are already into July. The summer is slipping by quickly. It has been so super hot here in Southwestern Ontario. With the humidity it was 45 degrees again today. Talk about a scorcher. I feel horrible for my hubby and anyone who is working outside on days like this. I know Arend comes home from work totally exhausted and wore out from the heat and humidity.
We had a beautiful long weekend at the trailer. Arend took thurs and friday off which was great. We really had a nice time. The weather was the best you could ask for even though it was warm there was a nice breeze which kept the humidity down. I loved it!
At night we had campfires and roasted marshmallows and we even did Smores and bologna the one night. Bologna on an open fire, yummy nothing like it!
So we are having a family get together at the trailer in August which i'm looking forward to. I'm sure hoping for some great weather that weekend too. The next weekend Kandi, Krystal, Hannah, Keira and I are heading to Michigan to do some shopping. We are going to the Birch Run Prime Outlets. I've never been there but sure sounds like we will enjoy it! Kandi knows several people who go there and they have all good things to say about it. We are going to be staying for a couple of nights. I'm excited!
Well, I guess that is it for now. I know it has been way to long between posts. I really need to smarten up and get posting more!

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